DGVFF – application to segregate a LTC load for ocean going freight. Calculates placarding required for Container. Validates LQ and EQ limits for the goods. Quick – segregate 100’s of DG loads in seconds. Ideal for freight forwarders, 3PL’s, Carriers and Stevedores.

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IMDG Segregation in seconds
100% Acceptance by carrier


• Optimum container loading with segreation
• Pay as you go or Annual License
• No customer info required, only port of loading and discharge
• Validates single bill of lading

• For Shippers, Stevedores, 3PL’s, Packers and Carriers
• Quick and efficient validation of containers to IMDG Segregation
• Validates, segregates, LCL Loads
• Uses ScioTy™ scanner to transfer DG info from DGDOX™, DGSMS™

Verify 50 DG Loads in a Container in 17 Seconds!

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The safety of a ship at sea is of the utmost importance, which means that the IMDG regulations for shipping HAZMAT need to be followed meticulously. Would be easy if every dock worker were a lawyer and a chemist rolled into one. If it were only one HAZMAT item in the container it would be a trivial task, however in practice it takes a consolidation of loads to fill a 20’, 40’ or 60’ container.

This means at the dock one needs to make sure HAZMAT loads that can interact and cause an explosion or a toxic environment, need to be segregated. One can try putting the same class of goods in one container, but that really does not work. For example Class 8 corrosives have Alkalis and Acids – and these better be kept apart. In the event of a leakage, a fire, explosion or release of a toxic gas is possible.

DGVFF™ has been designed to ensure that all loads given to it will be segregated into the least possible number of containers. Once the HAZMAT has been segregated, it then assigns Non HAZMAT loads to maximize the containers capacity. Here again, it ensures that any Non HAZMAT goods that could be consumed by Humans or Animals are kept away from poisonous HAZMAT loads.

Captain Koshy retd Harbour Master of Doha port tells a story how a ferry boat in India carried rice and poisons. The poisonous material leaked into the rice cargo and the result was several people dead. This happened in the 1970’s. Since then we have come a long way. DGVFF™ takes the ultimate step and makes shipping HAZMAT by sea as secure as defined by IMDG regulations.

DGVFF™ also handles Limited Quantities and Excepted Quantities. It has an option that allows for the checking of the limited quantity and excepted quantities mass or volume to the regulations. Carriers that seek absolute conformance have the option to decide how strict they want compliance.

As most HAZMAT material that are consolidated at a port of loading, they generally travel by Road. Companies using DGSMS™ or DGDOX™ can transfer the data directly to a 3PL or Carrier electronically. Result: Guaranteed compliance. Guaranteed acceptance and place your cargo ahead of those that don’t

DGVFF™ is fast. If one had to process a 100 HAZMAT loads and segregate them manually, it would take a few man days to achieve the task. With DGVFF it can be achieved in less than 2 hours which includes the manual keying in of data. When data is transferred via ScioTy scanners or electronically from DGSMS™ and DGDOX™ – the task is achieved in under 5 minutes.

For carriers, 3PL’s., shippers – it means getting the Cargo accepted quickly and leap-frogging those that don’t use the system. More important – less time, means lower cost, which implies greater profitability and an edge over the competition.

DGVFF™ is affordable and has a Pay as you Go option – ideal for small to medium businesses.

Annual licences for large companies are also available.

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